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Mineral resources are the important material fondation of the human existence,economic construction and the society development.It plays an important part in the whole country economy.Zircon has the characteristic of high temperature resistance,cautery resistance,rub resistance,high intensity,good stability,it is the raw material of new developing industry,which is call as stratagem metal.Zircon is widely used in the trade of electron,chemical industry,building materials,metallurgy, navigation,spaceflight and so on.Each year,the interior requirements of the Zircon are about 34 thousand tons,which most partly depend on import, the zircon is one of the mines which are extremely shortage.The zircon extractive sands produced in our company are supplied for distilling zircon compound,alloy-making and foundind fire-resistant material, ceramic,glasses and so on.The company makes use of the advantage of high quality abundant zircon resources of hainan,and puts its own funds into the zircon's perambulation and exploitation.Until the september,2002,the company has found the resource reserves of these two inportant economic mineral:zircons are 20 thousand tons and ilmenites are 80 thousand tons. The exploitation of these two minerals has maken great contributions to the national mineral resource reserves.Accoording to the development programming of the company,the company will be organized to a modern mining exploitation group which is active to exploit mineral resources inside and outside the province.

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