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Ltd.Hainan swan goose sea mining industry is developed is located in Hainan province Wan Ning City,is is the enterprise one concentrating efforts on the mineral development of natural resources field,specialized company being engaged in zirconium titanium ore development of natural resources.The company has gathered a batch of high-level professionalization talented person,the mine enterprises operation and management experience and special field technology leading a member to have many years equally mainly have produced experience.That the zirconium has a thermostability,is able to bear corrosion,is able to bear friction,intensity height,advanced characteristic of stability,is the new and expanding industry of 21 centuries raw material,"strategy metal" is called,apply to industry such as glass,ceramics,electron,chemical industry,building material ,metallurgy,aeronautics and astronautics broadly.

The company produces the high-purity zirconium English grit throughout the year,the titanium selected mine,the natural rutile of high-purity,live in stone,the tin ore alone,have three kinds ore to be zirconium English grit,natural rutile among them,the titanium selected mine may produce out the product according with customer request according to technology index brought forward by customer.And my department equipment is advanced,the administration to the beneficiation technology and the employee severely demand,own advanced chemical examination equipment,track chemical examination,qualified be able to be put in storage being in progress to every labor shift product,guards the pass strictly.

Enterprise develops the purpose insisting that "quality first,prestige first,serve the first"so far,make the general public friend broadly,enterprise spirit the company being united according to "the sincerity,being realistic,being innovative",compose in reply enterprise technology content by improving business administration level,take market demand as guiding,take that the brand manages as centre,take resources of human talents as foundation,take that capital operates as link,build broad strategic cooperative partnership,Build high-caliber management control team,high-level expert technology team,the high standard technical ability school assignment team ,establish the company the technology is first-rate,equipment is first-rate,administration is first-rate,the environment is first-rate and own the advanced scientific management ability.

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