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My company is the job enterprise give first place to spirit selections, chooses aspect, both have advantages in natural resources, and have management technique, talented person advantage in the spirit. At present marketplace circumstances is very beneficial to us. Therefore, we will bring oneself advantage into play sufficiently, will deepen FOAK managing, accelerating a technology, will make a company keep the in the homeland position in the lead with industry on manufacturing management, technical plant, process flow and product quality. Achieve developing looking at and appraising balance with protection of ecological environment,insist on the road developing along green,build organism's habits mining area in the process managing at the same time in giving birth to a child,argue the wound product is first-rate,the environment defends big Hainan tour organism's habits provinces image first-rate, active.

In the upcoming several years, the company will strengthen mineral resources general investigation job, faces periphery sea area expand step by step. Residence whole nation is first that Hainan zirconium English grit, gregorite reserves account for 60% of the whole nation respectively and 70%. Be in our province east Ling Shui, depths 10 meters~20 meters Wan Ning City coastal waters area tax by the fact that further, the geology prospecting working, may be the reserve resource base that the company long range develops existing having the zirconium titanium ore industry ore body.

Make use of company's from having the super-thin powder of zirconium English grit body further processing project to develop advantage, initiating. With society consumption level gradually rise, quality requirement of people to the ceramics building ceramics and hygiene is expanding by leaps and bounds also in ceaseless rise, ceramics of our country industry. Ceramic glaze mass is key but, glaze mass depends on pink mass of zirconium to a great extent, the ceramics manufacturer assumes the trend rising unceasingly therefore, at home and abroad to thin tiny pink Gao Chun Chao zirconium need. Visible, initiate this project to it is this one advantages in natural resources making use of my province high grade, rich zirconium English grits to transform into estate advantage and economic advantages, improve resource beneficial result, promote development of Hainan economic development.

The company the restructuring being in progress to the now available holding company, personnel is optimized, forms mining industry developing Corp.introduce and advanced home and abroad technology and equipment, draw development of famous mining industry experience, rely on Hainan, participate in the province outside and the abroad mineral prospecting and develop actively, lead development of company into a fast traffic lane, make out one have idea is advanced, the technology is tremendous, is expanding by leaps and bounds, famous enterprise having influence.

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